Trousers Won't Do the Trick: Eleanor Roosevelt and Feminism

“No, I have never wanted to be a man. I have often wanted to be more effective as a woman, but I have never felt that trousers would do the trick!” -If You Ask Me (1940)

 This exhibit chronicles the efforts made by Eleanor Roosevelt to eliminate the gap between sexes in society and in politics. It looks not only at the example she presented for women looking to make an impact but also at the policy changes she pushed for that aimed to give all women equal opportunities and the outreach programs she founded for women of all ages to improve their lives in America and all around the world. This exhibit will span her whole life: from her work with the League of Women Voters before FDR was elected to her work in the United Nations and beyond when she fought to ensure equal pay and opportunities for women internationally. It not only creates a timeline of impacts during her life but also explores her impact on feminism in the 21st century and how her legacy continues to create opportunities for women and redefine the role of women in politics every day. 


Clara Allison ('18)