Agaricus placomyces



Delafield, Violetta White (botanist, mycologist, and garden designer, 1875-1949)
Culture: American


Botany; Mycology; Fungi; Mushrooms


Watercolor drawing of paper of 2 large white and purple fungi, one convex the other flat, with inscription in pencil on right side of paper: mushroom on the right is approximately 5 inches tall from cap to root; cap is approximately 3.25 inches at widest point; Cap is convex shaped; cream with brown shading; several purple highlights on cap; underside is visible; peach color with the gills delineated by purple/brown strokes; stem is white near cap; becomes shaded with peach, brown and grey shades down the stem; bottom of stem is a bulbous shape; colored with dark gray to signify earth; mushroom to the right is approximately 4.5 inches high measured from cap to root; cap is flat; approximately 4 inches wide; cap is dark purple on top becoming white; with purple highlights on white cap; underside is not visible; stem is white with brown shading; not as much detail as the mushroom to the left.
1. Pileus silvery gray with brownish / small scales, forming dark area / in center, dry. / 2. Lamellae light colored, then / pinkish, then dark brown [sic] free- / close or crowded- / 3. Spores- Purplish brown / 4. Stipe silvery white, fibrous- / stuffed becoming hollow [sic]- / larger below. / Veil thick [sic] white, double [sic] or / appearing double [sic], outer [illegible] / floccose- / Gregarious in woods under [illegible] / Montgomery Place, Annandale / N.Y. / Sept 21- 1925. / Agaricus placomyces Pk.-


Annandale-on-Hudson, NY
Repository: Bard College, Montgomery Place


September 21, 1925


In Copyright - Educational use Permitted
Gift of J. Dennis Delafield


Paper, watercolor, pencil
9 x 11 3/4 in. (22.86 x 29.85 cm)


Botanical drawing


Image Number: MP.2005.134


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Delafield, Violetta White (botanist, mycologist, and garden designer, 1875-1949) and Culture: American, “Agaricus placomyces,” Stevenson Library Digital Collections, accessed May 29, 2024,