Mushroom Drawings of Violetta Delafield

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  • Mushroom Drawings of Violetta Delafield

Violetta White Delafield
Black and white framed photographic portrait bust of Violetta White Delafield.

Boletus curtisii
Growing in moist woods, among / Cinamon [sic] ferns. & under swamp maples- / Taste, gluy [sic] sweet. / Surface of Pileus very viscid, sticky- / convex golden yellow turning dark / brown with age- / turning tawny- / Pore surface- light straw color ^…

Clitocybe virens
85 / 1. Pileus smooth, dry, silvery [sic] green- somewhat / uneven + fibrillous firm, becoming dry + shriveled / 2. Gills close, narrow, white heterophyllous, slightly / decurrent turning dingy yellowish white with age. / 3. Spores white / 4. Stem,…