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  • Collection: Mushroom Drawings of Violetta Delafield

Clitopilus prunulus

Growing in light shaded roadside banks- / Aug 22- 1900. Litchfield Conn. / 1. Taste sweet nutty. smell strong- / 2. Surface of Pileus, smooth dry. rather satiny to the touch. / 3. Lamellae- narrow, close, heterophyllous, / decurrent, white turning…

Entoloma giganteum

1. Taste pleasant, then / disagreeable, long persistent / 2. Pileus somewhat viscid / moist, even or slightly / scaly in center, fawny / yellowish white, very thick. / 3. Lamellae, white thin / flesh colored, then almost / yellow, very wide sinuate,…

Morchella esculenta

Bartons, [sic] N.Y. / May 25/1901. / Morchella esculenta [sic] niola [sic] orchard

Boletinus pictus

27. / 1. Pileus convex then expanding- / yellowish covered with reddish cottony / scales, which at first covers (this cottony / layer [sic]) the entire plant- / 2. Tubes, pale yellow becoming darker with / age. / 3. Stem is solid & covered with a…

Boletus luridus [?]

Taste decidedly salty. / Surface of Pileus somewhat viscid of a beautiful / deep red. meat white, / pore surface red turning greeny [sic] blue when / bruised or cut. / Stem red beautifully reticulated- / Growing in light sandy woods. Locust. N.J. /…

Ceriomyces communis [?]

1. Pileus fleshy, glabrous- ^or minutely tomentose / dry, expanded / dark brown with yellowish tints, / margin thick, context firm yellowish / quickly changing to deep blue when cut / or wounded- / 2. Tubes [sic] nearly free, slightly depressed /…

Boletus spectabilis [?]

Growing in deep cold bog in / sphagnum gregarious. / very viscid with flocose particles / over pileus who [sic] is a deep red younger / specimen yellowish- Pores yellowish / turning dirty green. Mouth, angular / largish, adnate, meat creamy white /…

Lactarius indigo

1. Pileus, convex to expanded at / length depressed- margin even / somewhat wavy. / thin ^ very viscid when moist / light greyish blue, zoned with darker / blue- context & latex indigo blue- / 2. Spores ochraceous / 3 Lamellae, close, slightly…

Hygrophorus mugnalus

Watercolor drawing on paper of two fungi in shades of beige and white, accompanied by column of text, in pencil, on right side of page: specimen to right is 1 15/16 inches in height; the white convex cap has partially visible gills; the slender…

Laccaria ochropurpurea

Watercolor drawing on paper of a single fungus in shades of pinkish-brown, lavender, and beige, accompanied by column of text, in pencil, to right of page: the fungus measures 4 5/8" in height and 3 1/8" across cap; convex cap appears highly textured…