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  • Collection: Mushroom Drawings of Violetta Delafield


1. Pileus subexpanded- subumbonate, darker / on the umbo, velvety pruinose deeply / rugose wrinkled, margin thin. / 2. Lamellae free, close rather wide / inserted lightish becoming greyish / salmon. / 3. Spores. rosy / 4. Stipe slender concolorous-…

Laccaria ochropurpurea

Watercolor drawing on paper of a single fungus in shades of pinkish-brown, lavender, and beige, accompanied by column of text, in pencil, to right of page: the fungus measures 4 5/8" in height and 3 1/8" across cap; convex cap appears highly textured…

Hygrophorus mugnalus

Watercolor drawing on paper of two fungi in shades of beige and white, accompanied by column of text, in pencil, on right side of page: specimen to right is 1 15/16 inches in height; the white convex cap has partially visible gills; the slender…

Lactarius indigo

1. Pileus, convex to expanded at / length depressed- margin even / somewhat wavy. / thin ^ very viscid when moist / light greyish blue, zoned with darker / blue- context & latex indigo blue- / 2. Spores ochraceous / 3 Lamellae, close, slightly…

Boletus spectabilis [?]

Growing in deep cold bog in / sphagnum gregarious. / very viscid with flocose particles / over pileus who [sic] is a deep red younger / specimen yellowish- Pores yellowish / turning dirty green. Mouth, angular / largish, adnate, meat creamy white /…

Ceriomyces communis [?]

1. Pileus fleshy, glabrous- ^or minutely tomentose / dry, expanded / dark brown with yellowish tints, / margin thick, context firm yellowish / quickly changing to deep blue when cut / or wounded- / 2. Tubes [sic] nearly free, slightly depressed /…

Boletus luridus [?]

Taste decidedly salty. / Surface of Pileus somewhat viscid of a beautiful / deep red. meat white, / pore surface red turning greeny [sic] blue when / bruised or cut. / Stem red beautifully reticulated- / Growing in light sandy woods. Locust. N.J. /…

Boletinus pictus

27. / 1. Pileus convex then expanding- / yellowish covered with reddish cottony / scales, which at first covers (this cottony / layer [sic]) the entire plant- / 2. Tubes, pale yellow becoming darker with / age. / 3. Stem is solid & covered with a…

Morchella esculenta

Bartons, [sic] N.Y. / May 25/1901. / Morchella esculenta [sic] niola [sic] orchard

Entoloma giganteum

1. Taste pleasant, then / disagreeable, long persistent / 2. Pileus somewhat viscid / moist, even or slightly / scaly in center, fawny / yellowish white, very thick. / 3. Lamellae, white thin / flesh colored, then almost / yellow, very wide sinuate,…