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  • Collection: Before Bard: A Sense of Place

Italian Landscape

Italian Landscape by Samuel Morse.jpg
Framed oil painting of a landscape in Italy


Cayambe, Ecuador by Frederick Edwin Church.jpg
Oil sketch of Ecuadoran landscape

The View of Cruger's Island From Miramonte

wilhelm heine the view of cruger's island from miramonte.jpg
Framed oil painting of the landscape as viewed from Miramonte

Obituary of Mrs. Sylvina Van Benthuysen


newspaper print and handwriting

"View Over Cruger's Island"

Cruger's Island.jpg
Photograph of oil sketch on board of a view looking towards Cruger's Island from an area that would today be the Ward Manor area of Bard College campus. Five figures are harvesting hay onto an oxcart, while a sixth man on horse observes. Sail…

Lease fragment, land of Pieter Van Benthuysen

Photo of hand written fragment of an indenture, partial date of 1747?, between Pieter Van Benthuysen and Johannis [sic] Staet, of Dutchess County, specifying a annual rent of [sum missing]


Wilderstein Estate, main building