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Recording of Margo Lane's song "Zutroid" from 1994.

Young Mr. and Mrs. Roosevelt at Blithewood

FDR with Col. Zabriskie, NY Governor Dix, and ER at Blithewood Manor, in Annandale NY. Adapted.

WPA Children Painting, Jacksonville Negro Federal Gallery

Original caption reads: "Negro creative work based on spirituals. Jacksonville Negro Federal Gallery, Jacksonville, Florida. Opportunities for negro children in painting and sculpture have resulted in works which are extremely rhythmic and…

Woman with Tub

In this print, Hirsch emphasizes the rounded geometry of a working class subject in bright and solid tones. The off-center composition of the artwork adds drama to the sharp lines of light and shadow that move across the paper. Like most of their…


Walking path leading to Wilderstein Estate


Wilderstein Estate, main building


Gazebo at Wilderstein

Whole House Panicked

Recording of A-D's song "Whole House Panicked" from their 1993 release on Rage Records.