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"A Visit to Montgomery Place"

Book, The Horticulturist..., page 159 8-31-05_2.JPG
Nationally celebrated landscape designer, A. J. Downing, (1815-1852), 1847 article, "A Visit to Montgomery Place," which appeared in The Horticulturalist, and Journal of Rural Art and Rural Taste, indicates Downing's high esteem for the grounds at…

"Folk Group Wins Upstate Contest" from Bard Observer

Bard Observer article about the Bluegrass Partners (previously know as the New Union String Band) wining a folk music contest at Hamilton College in 1967. Bluegrass partners was made up of:Brian Nielsen (mandolin), Christopher Guest (guitar), Phil…

"Interview with Ruth Brall"

Radio broadcast interview with Ruth Brall, a WPA sculptor.

"Letter from a Listener"

An excerpt from Eleanor Roosevelt's radio program.