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  • Collection: The Gilded Garden

Wirework plant stand with single “basket” to hold a pot or pots on four simple legs, with x-form stretchers and scrolled feet

Illustration: Gilson, Wirework plant stand Special Catalogue of E. T. Barnum’s Wire Goods, Wire and Iron Work, Detroit: No. 29, Special Supplement, 1881.

Two wirework trellises

one with flared upper portion, the other with flat top and flared bottom, both with spiral wirework on the shaft

Terra-cotta figural group titled L’Enfants au Coeur (“Children of the Heart”)

comprising two curly-haired winged cherubs representing Cupid and Psyche, with Cupid trying to prevent Psyche from stomping on the flaming heart that lies at their feet (alongside a rose and Cupid’s quiver full of arrows), the act of stomping…

Terra-cotta figural group titled L’Amour et L’Innocence (“Love and Innocence”)

consisting of two curly-haired cherubs, one holding and kissing a bird, each with one arm around the other, the figures with a small dog at their feet

Illustration: Gossin Frères, statuaires, ornemanistes, fabrique de terre cuite: ... sujets pour…

Rare cast-iron "Rococo" or "Gothic" garden seat

the back constructed of hoops, the seat pierced, the front and back legs of cabriole form.

Illustration: Janes, Kirtland & Co., Illustrated Catalogue of Ornamental Iron Work, New York, 1870, unpaged.