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  • Collection: Mushroom Drawings of Violetta Delafield

Violetta White Delafield

Black and white framed photographic portrait bust of Violetta White Delafield.

Single mushroom, Annandale-on-Hudson, NY

1. Pileus convex, then expanded somewhat / depressed- margin then becoming striate, / pelicle, pealing, viscid- glabrous, a beautiful / light pink, context white tardily acrid + / strong / 2. Lamellae White, all even, rather close- / adnate, some…

Russula corallina

Watercolor drawing of two differing size fungi in shades of red and pink, pencil inscription on right side of paper; Larger fungus is approximately 3. 5 inches from root to top of cap; cap is approximately 5 inches wide at largest point; pink cap is…


Watercolor drawing on paper of a single fungus in shades of rose, beige, and off-white, accompanied to the right, by column of text in pencil: specimen measures 2 1/4 inches in height and 2 5/8 inches across cap; wide, rosy cap is somewhat flattened,…

Psilocybe foenisecii

Watercolor drawing on paper of four slender grey-brown fungi, accompanied to the right by a column of text, in pencil: the specimens range in size from 2 inches, 1 3/4 inches, and 1 1/2 inches; they have gently curving, slender stalks, and conical…


1. Pileus subexpanded- subumbonate, darker / on the umbo, velvety pruinose deeply / rugose wrinkled, margin thin. / 2. Lamellae free, close rather wide / inserted lightish becoming greyish / salmon. / 3. Spores. rosy / 4. Stipe slender concolorous-…


Watercolor drawing on paper of two fungi in shades of gold, yellow, and brown, accompanied by column of text, in pencil, to right of page: the larger specimen to the right measures 4 1/2 inches in height, including the "log" on which it is anchored,…

Phallogaster saccatus

Watercolor drawing on paper of four club-shaped fungi in shades of pinkish-mauve and green, accompanied to right by text, in pencil: the fungi are club-shaped with dendrite like threads growing out of base which anchor them to the ground; the center…


Watercolor drawing on paper of eight "bird's nest" fungi in shades of deep purple and beige, accompanied by several lines of text identifying the name of the specimens and where they were found: "July 29, 1900 Litchfield Conn / Nidulariales / Cyathus…


Watercolor drawing on paper of three "bird's nest" fungi in shades of beige and golden brown, accompanied to right of drawings by several pencil lines of text: all three specimens reside on twigs or wood; they are cup-shaped, and look like tiny…