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Stefan Hirsh: The Art Students League of New York

SHERP _ Art Students League.pdf
Stefan Hirsch, Instructor: Life Drawing: Painting: Composition: The Art Students League of New York, Two Fifteen West Fifty-Seventh Street, New York City

A pamphlet published by the Art Students League containing a biography of Stefan Hirsch and…

Street Market Vendor

Photograph of a street vendor, probably in Taxco, Mexico. Pictured are a number of dried herbs, medicinals, and other curiosities on a blanket. The photographer is probably Elsa Rogo.

Tropical (Doodle)

A drawing on a piece of note paper featuring various tropical animals and Mayan motifs.


Mexican landscapes, accentuated by animals and desert plants, became a fascination for Hirsch as he began to emulate popular Mexican artistic styles. In this print, three donkeys graze on a landscape of varied coloration, as a white stone arch…

View of Taxco, Mexico

View of public water source populated by locals in Taxco, Mexico. Photographic postcard, reverse printed text in various languages (i.e. "Carte Postale", "Cartolina Postale", "Tarjeta Postal"). Lower left: "Taxco, Gro. - 287", identifying the…

Woman with Tub

In this print, Hirsch emphasizes the rounded geometry of a working class subject in bright and solid tones. The off-center composition of the artwork adds drama to the sharp lines of light and shadow that move across the paper. Like most of their…