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Hirsch and Rogo at Temple of the Warriors, Chichen Itza

Fold-out photograph of Stefan Hirsch and Elsa Rogo. Features the couple posing at the Temple of the Warriors at Chichen Itza, Yucatan, Mexico. Hirsch sits atop the Chak Mol while Elsa poses in the mouth of the Serpent Columns. The site was first…

Elsa Rogo and Friend with Animals

Photograph of Elsa Rogo and unidentified friend. Elsa holds a bird while the friend holds a small furry animal, possibly a white nosed coati. Probably in a marketplace in Taxco, Mexico.

Street Market Vendor

Photograph of a street vendor, probably in Taxco, Mexico. Pictured are a number of dried herbs, medicinals, and other curiosities on a blanket. The photographer is probably Elsa Rogo.

Elsa Rogo in Folkloric Outfit

Photograph of Elsa Rogo wearing folkloric outfit, probably in Taxco, Mexico. Reverse side includes printed number "20" and written number "5/36". The photographer is probably Rogo's husband, Stefan Hirsch. Printed on Velox paper.

View of Taxco, Mexico

View of public water source populated by locals in Taxco, Mexico. Photographic postcard, reverse printed text in various languages (i.e. "Carte Postale", "Cartolina Postale", "Tarjeta Postal"). Lower left: "Taxco, Gro. - 287", identifying the…

Elsa Rogo at Temple of the Feathered Serpent, Xochicalco

Elsa Rogo sits at the stairs of the Temple of the Feathered Serpent, at the Olmeca-Xicallanca site of Xochicalco near present day Cuernavaca, Mexico. Rogo and Hirsch were probably intrigued by the Temple's "talud-tablero" style, a typical feature of…

Elsa Rogo and Friend

Elsa Rogo and unidentified man stand atop a set of stairs, probably in Taxco, Mexico. Reverse contains handwritten "A6" and printed stamp "216".

Folk Chair in Stefan Hirsch's Mexican Studio

View of Hirsch's studio, probably in Taxco, Mexico. In the center is a typical Mexican folk chair which was later adapted by Josef Albers. Hanging on wall: "Scared Horse", by Stefan Hirsch, oil painting. The painting was exhibited at The Downtown…

Stefan Hirsch Drinking from Fountain Sculpture

Stefan Hirsch drinks from a fountain sculpture by Carlos Bracho at the house of Moises Saenz in Taxco, Mexico. Hirsch and Rogo lived at the Saenz house, and Rogo also held her renowned art school for children in this courtyard. Reverse indicates the…

Stefan Hirsch and Students Gather for Art Critique

Photograph of art faculty and students gathering for a critique. The critique is likely for Steve Barbash's moderation or senior project. From lower left, clockwise: Larry Wismer (theater instructor), Louis Schanker (painting instructor), Zoe Warren…