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  • Collection: Eleanor Roosevelt: We Make Our Own History

ER Calls for Order

ER playfully calls for order. She introduces FDR for an address before the National Education Association at the World’s Fair.

Letters between ER and John Henry Lambert, 1934

Letter to ER from John Henry Lambert, October 30, 1934
Response from ER to John Henry Lambert, November 12, 1934

ER Christens Plane

ER christens a 74-passenger yankee clipper plane during a ceremony at Anacostia Naval Station on March 3, 1939.

Statuette of Eleanor Roosevelt

MO 1941.4.13 front.jpg
Small, hand-carved statue of Mrs. Eleanor Roosevelt made by an artist associated with the WPA. The base of the statue contains the inscription "Mrs. Eleanor Roosevelt".

The Expectant Thistles

MO 1974.40.jpg
A print on paper by artist George Biddle. Depicts donkeys in various states of repose and decay in a loosely American southwest setting.

Letter Between ER and West Virginia Governor

Letter from Eleanor Roosevelt to Homer Holt, Governor of West Virginia. ER defends her public comments re: condition of the working poor in the coal mining industry.

An Incident in Contemporary American Life

Incident _ New.jpg
A mural designed by Mitchell Jamieson that depicts Marian Anderson's concert at the Lincoln Memorial. The mural resides in the Department of the Interior Building, Washington, D.C.