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  • Collection: Eleanor Roosevelt: We Make Our Own History

Planning the Public Works of Art Project

PWAP prep.png
Eleanor Roosevelt examines the proposed national divisions of the Public Works of Art Project with Edward Bruce, Chip Robert, and Forbes Watson. Eleanor was instrumental in winning Franklin’s support of the project.

Portrait of Mrs. Roosevelt

Douglas Chandor’s portrait conveys the restless energy and multifaceted personality of the subject. A full-color rendering of Eleanor engages the viewer with her direct, powerful gaze as her hand lightly peels back a page from an open book. Below,…

The Skyscrapers

MO 1942.20.9.jpg
The fruits of the PWAP were exhibited at the Corcoran Gallery in 1934. The Roosevelt family attended the exhibition, and Eleanor personally choose a number of paintings to purchase. “The Skyscapers,” one of the paintings chosen by Mrs. Roosevelt,…

WPA Children Painting, Jacksonville Negro Federal Gallery

Original caption reads: "Negro creative work based on spirituals. Jacksonville Negro Federal Gallery, Jacksonville, Florida. Opportunities for negro children in painting and sculpture have resulted in works which are extremely rhythmic and…

ER Volume of Mail, 1933, 1937, 1938

Volume of mail as indexed by ER and staff in the years 1933, 1937, and 1938. Compiled and adapted by Jonian Rafti.

A Letter to Mrs. Roosevelt

A letter addressed to Mrs. Roosevelt. It is one of the 4,713 letters received during August, 1937.

Sample of Response to Letters Addressed to ER

Response from ER's staff to letters received.

Young Mr. and Mrs. Roosevelt at Blithewood

FDR with Col. Zabriskie, NY Governor Dix, and ER at Blithewood Manor, in Annandale NY. Adapted.

ER receives honorary degree at Bard College.

ER in front of Warden’s Hall after receiving honorary degree from Bard College.