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  • Collection: Eleanor Roosevelt: We Make Our Own History

"Interview with Ruth Brall"

Radio broadcast interview with Ruth Brall, a WPA sculptor.

"Letter from a Listener"

An excerpt from Eleanor Roosevelt's radio program.

A Letter to Mrs. Roosevelt

A letter addressed to Mrs. Roosevelt. It is one of the 4,713 letters received during August, 1937.

An Incident in Contemporary American Life

Incident _ New.jpg
A mural designed by Mitchell Jamieson that depicts Marian Anderson's concert at the Lincoln Memorial. The mural resides in the Department of the Interior Building, Washington, D.C.

Dedication Speech at the Negro Art Center

new dedication speech.pdf
A speech given at the dedication of the Negro Art Center, Chicago Illinois.

Drop Leaf Table, Val-Kill Industries

A table produced by Val-Kill industries.

Eleanor Roosevelt Votes in Hyde Park, New York

 ER votes 09-2340M.jpg
Eleanor Roosevelt Votes in Hyde Park, New York