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  • Collection: Before Bard: A Sense of Place

View of Bard Farm, 2012

View of the Bard Farm taken from the South, September 2012

Untitled (View From Clermont)

montgomery livingston 2.jpg
Oil sketch of view from the estate at Clermont

Untitled (View From Clermont)

montgomery livingston 1.jpg
Oil sketch of area from the Clermont Estate

Untitled (Panorama of the Hudson Highlands)

panorama of the Hudson Highlands, Montgomery Livingston sm.jpg
Sketch on paper of a panoramic view of the Hudson River from the Hudson Highlands


montgomery livingston 4.jpg
Oil sketch of grounds at Clermont


montgomery livingston 3.jpg
Oil sketch of Clermont grounds

Tracing of a 1747 Map of Barent Van Benthuysen land

A tracing of a 1747 Map showing the land holdings of Barent Van Benthuysen