Muhheakantuck and the People

Muhheakantuck ("river that flows both ways") is a tidal estuary that we know today as the Hudson River. For thousands of years, it has defined the lives of the humans who have come into contact with its waters, wetlands, bluffs and uplands. Today, Bard College takes its turn on the Muhheakantuck shore, in the unique and bountiful environment of the Tivoli Bays. This exhibit tells the story of those who came before and of a relationship with the land that has lasted millennia.

Note: Photographs by Tom Danz, unless otherwise indicated. 

Acknowledgements: thanks to Professor Christopher Lindner, Bard's Archaeologist in Residence, for information in this presentation. Articles by Dr. Lindner, his former students Elizabeth Chilton and Bethia Waterman, and State Archaeologist Emeritus Robert E. Funk can be read by googling Bard Archaeology


Thomson Danz ('15)