Bard Makes Noise

This exhibit is inspired by the creativity of Bard College's bands and musicians past and present. From Big Noise to Boba Fett, from Velcro Dildo to Saint Booty, learn about Bard's extracurricular musical past. We've got audio, video and photographs of rock bands, punk bands, jazz bands, funk bands, metal bands and much more! Also included are scans of articles from student publications talking about Bard's music scene plus reminisces from the musicians that participated. Kick back and turn up your speakers, it's time to make some noise!

If your band or your favorite Bard band is not featured here, use the contact us form to let us know. Give us some audio, a description and a visual or two, and we'll include those bands or musicians in our collection. Our goal is to be constantly adding material, so hand it over if you've got it. Many thanks to all who have contributed already.