Stefan Hirsch and Elsa Rogo Collection


This collection consists of material from Stefan Hirsch and Elsa Rogo detailing their journeys to Latin America, their professional work as artists and educators, and personal business and correspondence. It includes letters, personal writings, biographical material, speeches, press clippings, and rare publications which document both Rogo and Hirsch’s artistic careers. A significant amount of photographs, negatives, and pictorial memorabilia depict their travels in Latin America. The collection also includes a significant gift of artwork, which includes sketches, prints, watercolors, and mixed media work by Stefan Hirsch and Elsa Rogo, as well as work by other artists. The items presented on Omeka are a small portion of the overall collection selected to create a digital version of the recent exhibit, "Precisely Not: Works from the Stefan Hirsch and Elsa Rogo Collection".

Processed by John Ohrenberger '16, September 2014 – December 2015.

Collection Tree

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Mural in South Hall, "Youth Groping for Reality"
Photograph of a mural in South Hall, painted by Beverly Pruzan '48 and Irene Zimmerman '48 under the direction of Professor Stefan Hirsch. The mural, done in egg tempera, is entitled "Youth Groping For Reality", and is divided into three segments:…

Using the ethnographic museum as source material, Hirsch deploys the iconography of archaeology and exhibition to mix elements of Pre-Columbian cultures with modern style. The drawing emphasizes the development of museum culture in Mexico, such as…

Mexican landscapes, accentuated by animals and desert plants, became a fascination for Hirsch as he began to emulate popular Mexican artistic styles. In this print, three donkeys graze on a landscape of varied coloration, as a white stone arch…