Before Bard: A Sense of Place


Since its founding as St. Stephen’s College in 1860, Bard has changed the lives of many in the arts and learning. It has also changed the community it calls home. If a sense of place is essential to self-knowledge, those who live and work in the Bard community can only be enriched by knowing more about those who have gone before.

The students in Bard's Public History Practicum, an on-going student project, have developed this exhibit to help us all understand more about this place we call Bard.


  • Cynthia Koch, Jonian Rafti ('15), Laila Iravani ('15), Tom Danz ('15), Olivia Eschenbach-Smith ('15), Charles McFarlane ('16), Bennett Torres ('15), Augusta Klein ('17)

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  • Before Bard: A Sense of Place