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Tricholoma sijunetima [?]

Growing in dampish soil under plants-
Taste, strong & tastes disagreeable, though not acrid
Surface of Pileus, dry [satisy] slimy cool to the touch smooth & [sactus] leathery slightly umbonate, convex then spreading, older specimen much cracked slimy…

Tricholoma terreum

Growing in smelly soil under plants + oaks
Taste mild gregarious
2. Surface of Pileus, dry, smooth, slimy irregular, first flat then [kit?] margin turned up greyish brown with a pinkish tinge
3. Lamellae white turning dingy, wide close ^ or…

Tricholoma Personatum

Gregarious(?) growing on pine needles center(?)

1. Taste slightly nutty
2. Surface of pileus, smooth slightly
moist salmon(?) partly pink
3. Lamellae, white having faintly
flesh colored. Heterophyllous widish,
very close, sumiate(?) free-…

Tricholoma egnestre

Growing on sand soil gregarious
1. Taste mild
2. Surface of Pileus slightly [covered] when moist, smooth shiny, flattish, darker in center
3. Lamellae, sulphur [epellore] turning brownish, wide, close heterophyllons adnate sinuate
4. Spores White…

Tricholoma funosoluteum Pk/Melansbunca funosolutea (Pk) Murrill [?]

1. Taste peculiar. Not strong.
2. Pileus slightly(?) ____ ___ when moist, seventh(?), ____, etc. - cracked + irregular, grey + yellow, 4-70.2
3. Lamilae white, becoming dingy, rather wide, close, deeply sinuate(?) _____.
4. Spores White
5. Stipe…

Tricholoma fallax Puk [?]

1. Pileus dull yellow, globous (?),sub adnate becoming depressed (?) on frame (?), dry.
2. Lamillae lightish yellow or cream, becoming darker with age. close semiate (?) adnate (?)
3. Spores white
4. Stipe slender, fleshy, yellowish, alive (?), white…

Melaciolurea conpora M. furnidella Pk. [?]

1. Pileus growth place in marsh
light yellow (?)
hanging up turned with age + becoming
split + (?) slightly (?) when touch

2. lamellae heterophy the (?) close
(?) in the margie (?)
or nearly face (? with a (?)
trunk steady

3 spores white


Tricholoma sejoncta [?]

1. Pileus (?) yellowish green, much darker in color with sinuate (?), if viscid, only slightly (?) when moist.
2. Lamellae white suction(?), heterophyllous- sinuate and slightly (?)
3. Spores white
4. Stipe solid, equal (?) than pileus, fibrillose,…

Tricholoma ?

1. Pileus (swarth?), umbonate, dry, pruinose margin curved under. Greenish yellow.
2. Lamellae aduate, (helisoptry?...) some branching, greenish yellow, narrow, fairly close
3. Spores white
4. Stipe solid, confluent with pileus (?)
(?) black,…

Marusunis rotula

Litchfield Conn
June 29-1900
Growing on dead twig-
Taste slightly nutty
Surface of Pileus, dry, striate umbilicate-creamy-
Lamellae. White. Far apart in proportion [eutire] joined in ring round stem
Spores- [muile] white, oval