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... Phalates(?) ... a potato patch... Sept. 9 1900


culture(?) plant pure white+
very fragile-
Very small pure white
fungus growing in decaying
stump. our(?) grown wit moist(?)
Pileus convex then plane(?) or
expanded, very thin. striate.
Lamellae look as if they(?)
were free(?) - rather distant


94. lileus earth day, shequeth(?) University (?)

a purified ruin lange. mango

buried Antamorphen.

2. Lanclae conrad heloprophen descendant, pale say grey. Becoming
darker with matching of the species carnal wish guns with masses.

3. Spoze(?) easy…


Growing Under Hemlocks and Oaks among pine needles + dead leaves - singly(?)-

1. Tastes mealy

2. Surface of palius(?), dry, scaly, pealing (?)

3. Lawillac(?) - white, free, sattonwide(?), hetero - plyllows(?), close.

4. Spores. White, (?),…


Growinng in leaf(?) (_?_)

1. Taste mealy, slightly nutty
2. Surface of pileus, dry, covered with overall(?) (_?_) making it soft and + (_?_) to the touch
3. Lamellae lightish yellow turning brownish yellow, heterotrophic(?), wide, (_?_) far apart,…


Recording of Margo Lane's song "Zutroid" from 1994.

Young Mr. and Mrs. Roosevelt at Blithewood

FDR with Col. Zabriskie, NY Governor Dix, and ER at Blithewood Manor, in Annandale NY. Adapted.

WPA Children Painting, Jacksonville Negro Federal Gallery

Original caption reads: "Negro creative work based on spirituals. Jacksonville Negro Federal Gallery, Jacksonville, Florida. Opportunities for negro children in painting and sculpture have resulted in works which are extremely rhythmic and…