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"Folk Group Wins Upstate Contest" from Bard Observer

Bard Observer article about the Bluegrass Partners (previously know as the New Union String Band) wining a folk music contest at Hamilton College in 1967. Bluegrass partners was made up of:Brian Nielsen (mandolin), Christopher Guest (guitar), Phil…

1973 Performance

Photograph of 1973 performing on campus in the late 80s.

1973 performing in Kline Commons

Photograph of 1973 performance in the Kline Commons dining hall circa late-1980s.

1973 Poster

Poster of 1973.

A.J. Rein and Erika Hughes performing with Uncle Jesse

Photograph of A.J. Rein and his guitar with Erika "Pappy" Hughes singing during an Uncle Jesse performance.

A.J. Rein from Uncle Jesse

Photograph of A.J. Rein from Uncle Jesse.

Aaron Diskin performing in the Old Gym

Aaron Diskin performing with Boba Fett/Challenge of the Future in the Old Gym at Bard College.

Abdi Assadi-Baki from Suzy Jaguar & the Mechanics

Photo of Abdi Assadi-Baki performing with Suzy Jaguar & the Mechanics.

Adam Fletcher from Christ Aborted In Nativity (C.A.I.N.)

Photograph of Adam Fletcher performing with Christ Aborted In Nativity (C.A.I.N.).

Afternoon Delight

Live recording of 1973 performing a cover of "Afternoon Delight."