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Boba Fett performing outside South Hall

Photograph of Boba Fett performing outside South Hall on Bard's campus in 1995.


Audio recording of "Phenylalinine" by Boba Fett/Challenge of the Future. This was released as part of their 7" single in the mid-1990s. Originally released on Crink of Spleen Records and later on Dieyetribe Records.

Barnyard Stomp

Released as part of Boba Fett's Silver Tapethis track was recorded in Bard Hall in 1994.

Hudson River

The song "Hudson River" was originally part of the Silver Tape, but was also featuredon theEveryone Everyone Everyonealbum by Challenge of the Future.

The Trolls in front of the Troll House

The Trolls in front of the Troll House, 58 Broadway Tivoli, NY 1983.

Art Carlson - The Trolls

Picture of Art Carlson from the Trolls. According to band member Marc Dale: "Art Carlson = Wailing White Man."

The Trolls

Picture of the Trolls - a popular band at Bard in the early 1980s.

Jamaican Love Story

Recording of "Jamaican Love Story" written and performed by the Trolls on the Black Sheep label. Performers include Art Carlson (sax & vocals), Marc Dale (bass), Bruce Huber (guitar) and Mark Kirby (drums & vocals). The female voices were provided by…


Recording of Margo Lane's song "Zutroid" from 1994.

1973 Performance

Photograph of 1973 performing on campus in the late 80s.