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All Fall Down

Recording of Guppy Boy Grunt's song "All Fall Down" with David Baeumler on vocals, Jason Gusmann on drums and vocals, Ian Lamont-Havers on bass, and Chris (rupe) O'Neil on guitar.

Anarchy Enthroned

Recording of "Anarchy Enthroned," a song by Christ Aborted In Nativity (C.A.I.N.) from the early 2000s.

Art Carlson - The Trolls

Picture of Art Carlson from the Trolls. According to band member Marc Dale: "Art Carlson = Wailing White Man."

Barnyard Stomp

Released as part of Boba Fett's Silver Tapethis track was recorded in Bard Hall in 1994.

Beef, Bitch, Band, Beer

Audio recording of Velcro Dildo's song "Beef, Bitch, Band, Beer."

Big Stick

An early recording included on the "Silver Tape," which was recorded in Bard Hall in 1994 and self-released as a limited edition cassette spray painted silver.

Bit by the Rabid Vengeance of a Woman Gone Wild (Live)

Recording of a live performance of "Bit By The Rabid Vengeance of a Woman Gone Wild" by Rambo Cob and the Sheetrockers. This was recorded at The Rhinecliff Hotel on February 21, 1987.

Blood Pony - Gorillaz Set (Bard Punk Rock Prom 2009)

Video from Blood Pony's performance as part of the 2009 Bard Punk Rock Prom, "the biggest punk/cover band show of the year." This set consisted of covers of songs by the Gorillaz.

Blood Pony - Show Jokes (Pi Day Show)

From Blood Pony's 3-14-09 show at Smog on Bard College. Technical difficulties led to the jokes portion being presented versus audio of the music.

Blood Pony Group Photograph

Photograph of musical group Blood Pony from Bard circa 2009.