1990s Bands

This section focuses on Bands and musicians from the 1990s era Bard music scene. The heavy, post-punk rock of Boba Fett (a.k.a. Challenge of the Future) is featured alongside the catchy songwriting of Guppy Boy Grunt, as well as the "mid 1990s apocalyptic synth jams" of The Improbable Empire. You can also check out the countrified rocking of Uncle Jesse (originally known as Rebel Yell) or groove to the experimental sounds of DJ Rollenbutter (a.k.a. John Christopher Morton) or revel in the lo-fi sound of The Wow-wows. This decade also brought us other heavyweights like A-D, Margo Lane, Soothing Sounds for Baby and Spineless. And don't forget the funk that Saint Booty delivered here and abroad. It was a new and exciting decade for music at Bard, the late 80s set a foundation and the 90s carried it to fruition. The music here is ecletic and electric, it sizzles and burns and takes you back to a time when music had less boundaries.

Contributions to this portion of our exhibit came from John Christopher Morton, Ben Friedman and others.