1980s Bands

Check out Bard bands and musicians from the 1980s in this section. You can slam dance to Mrs. Whitehead or blow out your eardrums with 1973. You can gets your kicks with Velcro Dildo or find a reggae beat with The Trolls. Also featured is punk rock from Suzy Jaguar and the Mechanics, Lost Cause and the Samoans (sometimes spelled Samoanz). The experimental 80s metal of Slow Walk 13 sits alongside the country/folk reworkings of hip hop that Stan Halen played. You can experience the psychedelic heaviness from Three Beasts in Heat and the catchy hooks of Suede Wicked ("two steps forward is 1 step back!"), or just sit back with Rambo Cob and the Sheetrockers. The music from this decade presents the 1980s from Bard's perspective - this ain't the 1980s of Culture Club and Madonna. Bard's music scene, always diverse, created and forged new sounds during this decade - setting the stage for many of the Bard bands that came in the 1990s.

Contributions to this portion of our exhibit came from Seth Buncher, Bruce Huber and many others.